Stateside Foods sponsors AFC Masters

9th June 2014 ‹ Back to listing

AFC Masters are a thriving football team for disabled people in Bolton and Stateside Foods have recently become sponsors of the team, providing the players with a brand new strip.

The focus of the group is on fun and friendship and although they have two over 16s teams playing competitively in the Ability Counts league, AFC Masters didn’t have a matching kit for the whole group.

On Saturday 17th May, Operations Director, Bob Marnell presented AFC Masters with a cheque for just over £1200 and the players emerged from the changing rooms, full of smiles, heads held high, looking and feeling like a real team in their smart black and green kit.

Iain Massingham, Head Coach and organiser of the group said, ” Thank you so much for the sponsorship, it means a great deal to us to have the support. For all our players, the club is a hugely important part of their lives and to be all kitted out shows the world how much it means too. I’m very grateful for the help, it will make a huge difference to our players and to AFC Masters as a whole “.


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