Feeding Britain’s Future

3rd November 2014 ‹ Back to listing

During September 2014, Stateside Foods was involved in an IGD initiative, ‘Feeding Britain’s Future – Skills for Work Month’, which is a nationwide campaign to tackle youth unemployment, giving young people from the local communities the opportunity to gain skills they need to get back into work.

Stateside Foods was one of more than 200 companies who took part in the IGD Feeding Britain’s Future campaign, a collaborative project between government and the food industry, that has connected more than 15,000 unemployed young people with free training opportunities, across the UK.

As part of the programme, 26 participants were invited over 4 sessions to Stateside Foods during September 2014 where they were  given a guided factory tour to learn how we produce our pizzas. Every young person then undertook a practical skills development session designed to enhance employability skills. This session included advice in CV writing and  filling out application forms, mock interviews and a question and answer session; Here they discussed career goals and employment tips, as well as  Stateside Foods’ opportunities, with Managers and employees from a wide range of departments.

This is the second year that Stateside Foods have been involved in Feeding Britain’s Future, and the young people involved have found the programme useful and informative.  At Stateside Foods, we are continually committed to helping young people in the local area, who are struggling to find employment, making them aware of the opportunities that are  available in the food manufacturing sector.

Throughout Skills for Work Month we hope to have addressed some of the key barriers to employment and helped individuals on their journey towards finding work.

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