Success at The Grocer Awards

4th June 2015 ‹ Back to listing

The Grocer Awards took place on Friday 8th May and Stateside Foods won Best Chilled Pizza for The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Kashmiri Butter Chicken, Red Onion & Spinach Pizza. The same pizza also won the Chairman’s Gold Award, after Adam Leyland, The Grocer’s editor, declared it was the overall Champion Own-Label Product. This is a hugely prestigious award, judged from each category’s gold award winners.

This means that Stateside Foods’ TI Kashmiri Chicken Pizza is THE best product out of all entries in 2015!

“A fusion idea that really works”, The Grocer’s expert judges said of this “true innovation for the category”.

It is a great honour for Stateside Foods to join this elite group of past winners and shows that we are up there, achieving top status as one of the best manufacturers for UK retail.

The Co-operative’s Emily Hammond collected both awards on behalf of the Stateside and The Co-op partnership at the extravagant dinner, held in London’s West End.

So, why is this pizza so Truly Irresistible?

This Indian influenced pizza has a cumin seed base inspired by traditional naan bread flavours, topped with  Kashmiri style sauce, butter marinated British chicken, red onions and lightly fried spinach with garlic.

The Kashmiri style sauce is derived from a Butter Chicken recipe which evolved from Moti Mahal – a dish associated with central India and Delhi. It uses a spice blend of alternate Indian spices including fenugreek, cardamom, bay and cayenne. This is a change from the traditional Indian blends, which are usually heavy on cumin, cinnamon and turmeric. The spices are enhanced by a rich sauce base of butter (to replicate ghee), garlic, ginger, jalapeno and coconut milk. Fragrant coriander finishes off the sauce which is a perfect accompaniment to the butter chicken, red onions and fried spinach.

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