The Christie Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride

28th July 2015 ‹ Back to listing

Well done to all of our guys and girls who completed the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride on Sunday 12th July.
The team of fourteen have so far, managed to raise a fantastic £1165 for The Christie charity! Thank you to everyone who showed their support by sponsoring them. You have made a real difference.
If you would like to make a donation, you can still do so by visiting the following Just Giving page:

The team members were Steve Bentley, Julie Blundell, Neil Brown, Liam Cahill, Phil Collett, Barry Davies, Phil Goodall, Graham Holden, Helen Jackson, Tim Jones, Bob Marnell, Laurence Naylor, Stuart Taylor and Chris Wilcox.

Team Stateside 2     FB_IMG_1436742210965

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