All for a good cause

28th July 2015 ‹ Back to listing

In  June,  a  daring  team  of  twelve, successfully completed   the  incredibly dangerous  Badass  Mucker  Challenge! This was a 10k obstacle course requiring participants to climb fences, crawl through brambles and cross rivers on foot to get to the finish line.

Stateside employees entered the event to raise money for charity, Pearl & Peggy, started by the parents of prematurely born twin girls, Pearl & Peggy last year. The charity began making clothes for premature babies and is now focused on raising enough money for a new Bereavement Suite at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.

The  team, who raised £640 for Pearl & Peggy,  were Stuart  Taylor, Stuart’s brother-in-law and father of Pearl & Peggy – Chris Hopwood,  Bob  Marnell,  Helen Jackson, Julie   Blundell,  Charlotte  Jarvis , Jonathan Fairhurst, Steve  Holmes,  Damian  Wilson,  Lee  Povey, Nayan Patel, Adam Marnell  and  Sean Edwards.

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