Working Together – Bolton Wanderers Community Trust

26th November 2015 ‹ Back to listing

Stateside Foods are working together with Bolton Wanderers Community Trust on a Health Education Project, and agreed to donate £3000 to deliver the project to local schools.

The project is health education based, involving both practical and educational elements to encourage more local young people to be active and to also increase knowledge about health and the body.  The project will involve working with local schools to deliver a 2 hour workshop.

Together, we feel that this project is important, particularly in Bolton, to combat a number of issues amongst local young people including anti-social behaviour, obesity, poor health and low levels of physical activity.  Physical activity on a regular basis not only helps to combat the issues mentioned above but it can also assist young people in working on key skills, such as communication, cooperation and teamwork which are all important for future employment options.  The project aims to engage with 900 young people throughout the year and is running from September 2015.

Jon Lucas, Managing Director said, ‘As an employer of nearly 800 people in and around Bolton, it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Bolton Wanderers Community Trust to deliver the health and wellbeing workshops in schools across the local area.  It is so important that young people understand how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and this project is the perfect opportunity to educate students to make the right lifestyle choices. We look forward to working closely with BWCT over the coming months and wish all the participants every success for the future.’

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