Working Together – Westhoughton High School

26th November 2015 ‹ Back to listing

Stateside Foods have been working with Westhoughton High School to support their Year 7 pizza project. As part of the Year 7 Food Science classes, students are given the task to analyse two different types of Stateside pizza using sensory analysis.

The learning materials used for this have been enhanced by Stateside Foods, to help students understand how these types of activities fit into a real business setting. The project helps the students gain a betterĀ understanding of the nutritional content of different ingredients used to produce pizza.

The students have also used Stateside pizza bases to produce their own pizza creations in teams, adding various toppings and applying their knowledge about sensory analysis. In the final session, they produce their own fresh pizza dough to analyse and compare to a pre-packed pizza base.

Thank you to the students from Westhoughton High for participating in the sessions with enthusiasm.

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