Stateside’s Born Survivor Challenge

23rd August 2016 ‹ Back to listing

Located in Cumbria on the beautifully rugged 3,200 acre Lowther Castle estate, this legendary 10km included the most stunning, but gruelling Lake District terrain and more than 30 hardcore, military inspired, obstacles. Stateside’s team of brave (or stupid) warriors faced lung busting hills, ice cold river crossings, muscle sapping obstacles and more mud than you could imagine. Team Stateside completed their mission (not without injury) and returned to base camp to celebrate their survival.

The Stateside Team faced the Born Survivor Challenge to raise money for the Ticker Club. This is a totally voluntary organisation founded by ex-patients who have undergone some form of cardiac or vascular procedure at Wythenshawe Hospital. All money raised is spent on facilities and equipment for the hospital’s heart and vascular units. The club members also offer practical advice and moral support to new patients, both before and after surgery, either privately in their own homes or through the near-daily visits to all the cardiac wards by our trained patient support volunteers.

Helen Jackson, the team leader and Stateside’s Quality Manager, chose The Ticker Club, who supported her father when he underwent heart surgery at the end of 2015 and together with her team, raised over £1000 for the charity.

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