Did we manage to Breakout for The Christie?

25th October 2016 ‹ Back to listing

On Thursday 13th October, our newest apprentices faced the challenge of the Breakout rooms in Manchester. The group, who were divided into two teams, competed to breakout of a locked room in 60 minutes. Their only means of escape was to solve various clues and puzzles in a race against the clock (and the other team).

The event took place as a fundraiser for The Christie, with all proceeds from the hire of the rooms on that day being donated to the Manchester based cancer charity.

The apprentices thoroughly enjoyed their evening and were proud to be able to support The Christie whilst having so much fun getting to know one another. Unfortunately, one team didn’t quite manage to escape and sadly had to be released after the time ran out. Despite this, they were still smiling and I’m sure they’ll be back for another attempt in one of the many other rooms at Breakout.

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