Stateside sponsors AFC Masters Academy

22nd March 2017 ‹ Back to listing

You may remember that a few years ago, Stateside Foods sponsored AFC Masters, a football club for young people with disabilities, in order to provide the team with a football kit.

We recently paid a visit to AFC Masters to see how the club were getting along and we learned that the club had been operating an Academy, to help improve the life skills and confidence of a group of the Club’s players.

The club have many members who often do not meet the criteria to enable them to receive little or any support from Bolton Council’s Social Services. The Academy gives extra support to help members to acquire new skills and guide them in securing employment and training opportunities, alongside their enthusiasm for participating in practical football / sports activities and socialising with their peers.

The Academy provides sessional learning and support tutors who deliver a variety of learning opportunities ranging from literacy skills, finance, IT, communication skills to more social aspects of learning such as relationships and health advice. There are also sessions on development of CVs, the work place, work experience, etc. As a result these sessions various part-time paid and un-paid jobs have been gained by some of the students.

Unfortunately, previous funding for the Academy had run out and the group were looking for sponsors in order to continue.

We think that this is a fantastic project and so Stateside Foods have donated £2500 to the club to support them with this year’s Academy.

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