Stateside’s Spring Litter Pick

22nd March 2017 ‹ Back to listing

A team of over 30 volunteers have carried out a spring litter pick in various areas of Westhoughton, collecting 79 bags of rubbish.

The team, made up of front line operatives, managers, members of the senior team, our Commercial Director and apprentices, collected litter from a number of hotspots including Bolton Road, Manchester Road (the A6), the Church St/Cherwell Road alley, the side of Sainsburys supermarket, Long Lane, and footpaths onto Collingwood Way.

Stateside Foods have agreed to donate £10 per bag of litter collected to their nominated charities, The Bolton Hospice, and The Christie, meaning £790 to both. Managing Director Mr Jon Lucas said, ‘It is great that we have such a dedicated workforce who continue to volunteer to tidy up and improve our town. Seventy-nine bags of litter is a huge number and I hope we have made a difference. Well done to our team’.

The next ‘Summer’ litter pick is in the process of being planned.

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