The Bolton Hospice £50 Challenge

20th October 2017 ‹ Back to listing

A group of our apprentices are taking part in the £50 Challenge for Bolton Hospice, which runs throughout the month of October. They were handed £50 at the start of the month and it’s up to the team to go away and raise money in any way that they can for the hospice and at the same time, try to beat the efforts of the other teams in the challenge. So far, they have had a competition to win a giant monkey soft toy by asking people to guess the monkey’s name, they’ve held a ‘Wear Blue Day’ in the offices here at Stateside and two of the apprentices were brave enough to run the Manchester half marathon last weekend. They are now more than half way through the challenge and have more events on the way. Let’s hope that they are successful in this challenge and that they raise lots of money for Bolton Hospice.

If anyone would still like to donate, the half marathon just giving page is still active and you can support the team by clicking and donating on the link below:

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