A Clearer New Year

9th January 2018 ‹ Back to listing

As a large food manufacturer, a hugely important part of what we do, is cleaning the equipment we use to make our food, but that does come at a cost – effluent, which is the dirty water that comes from the cleaning process. We have taken action and have built our own on-site water treatment plant. Once fully operational, the only thing going down our drains will be a cleaned clear water, with the left over waste from the process being sent to make energy. This massively reduces our impact on the environment and reduces our load on the local Westhoughton sewerage works which in turn benefits local businesses and residents.

As one of the largest businesses in Bolton, we recognise our responsibility to minimise any environmental impact we have, and are always striving to continuously improve our operations with this in mind. We feel that this is a great step towards our goals and we will continue to innovate and adapt to ensure that any change is a positive one.

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