Feeding Britain’s Future Schools Programme

9th January 2018 ‹ Back to listing

The IGD’s (Institute of Grocery Distribution) Feeding Britain’s Future programme brings the industry together to inspire the next generation and equip them with skills for work. Through Feeding Britain’s Future, the industry has offered over 60,000 learning opportunities to young unemployed people and school students.

Their programmes in secondary schools bring to life the world of work, highlight the skills required to succeed in the workplace and showcase a variety of roles available in the food and grocery industry. The school workshops bring industry professionals into schools to inspire and educate students about the world of work.

These two- hour workshops are designed to give year 9 and 12 students guidance on the skills needed in the workplace and insight into the variety of jobs available in the food and grocery supply chain.

Stateside Foods believe that this programme is invaluable in opening students eyes to the many career opportunities available in the industry and in particular here, at Stateside Foods. We have supported the programme by attending these workshops and hope that the students involved will strive to become Stateside’s team of the future.

Stateside Foods has many apprenticeship opportunities for young people, offering a fully funded degree alongside real work experience in many areas of our business. For more information, click on the ‘Working With Us’ tab above.

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