Director’s PA, Rebecca Pilkington Jumps from 14,000ft for The Christie

30th October 2018 ‹ Back to listing

Here’s Rebecca’s story, in her own words:

This year I decided to set myself some goals, including losing weight and looking after myself more. My close family have been unfortunate to suffer some sad losses and I wanted to get fitter and at the same time, raise money to help support charities that have helped my loved ones.

For some crazy reason I have always wanted to do a sky dive, and so was delighted when my husband, Dan booked this as a birthday present for me – he was running out of ideas of what to buy for “the woman who has everything!!” – I was excited as the day approached – together with family and friends we booked a weekend away in late May, in the South Lakes – a wonderful setting for my sky dive. However, due to adverse weather conditions, the sky dive couldn’t take place, which was a big disappointment to me. Finally, on 11th August I took the plunge!! It was such an exhilarating experience, and I loved every minute. I decided to ask for sponsors for my chosen charity, The Christie, and was overwhelmed by the support I received – a grand total of £1,005.

In between my aborted sky dive in May and the final plunge in August, I managed to fit in a Race for Life in July at Haydock Park, together with my colleague and friend Susanne Allen. From being complete novices to running, we pushed each other to put on our trainers and go out each evening for a run. We gradually built up our stamina and found that we actually quite enjoyed running. We were amazed that on a hot, sunny day in July we finished the 5k race without stopping, and raised £230 for Cancer Research.

I’m now looking for my next challenge!


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