Community & Charity


Community and Development of Local Youth

Business Principles

We are one of the largest manufacturers in the Bolton area.

We wish to engage young people and inspire them to join the food manufacturing industry.


We strive to raise the profile of food manufacturing within our local community, and encourage local young people to consider the wide range of career options that we have to offer.

Progress to Date

We have established a sponsorship partnership with Bolton Arena and are working to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle across Bolton by inspiring local people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to follow a passion for sport and healthy activities in the local community.

Through our sponsorship of Bolton Arena we are able to provide our whole workforce with free access to gym facilities and nutritional expertise.

Our Company football team encourages employees to become involved in regular physical activity that can be both fun and rewarding.

We are working with local schools to promote manufacturing as a career option in the local area. Our managers are involved in acting as careers advisors, and hold talks with local educational establishments.

We are a participant in Feeding Britain’s Future – an Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) sponsored initiative to help provide unemployed young local people with the skills and confidence to make the most of job opportunities.

Delivery Goals

We will continue to develop our relationships in the Bolton area to encourage local people to seek employment and support from us.

We are constantly looking for new channels by which to engage young people and to encourage them to look to our business for employment.

We have a presence at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival and use this as an opportunity to engage with the general public and promote Stateside Foods career opportunities.


Business Principle

We support charitable causes which may be sponsored by either the business, its employees or the local community.


Our vision is to make a positive difference to our local community through support for charitable causes. This support is not limited to cash donations. We play a vital and positive role within the community by combining knowledge, skills and expertise for the benefit of all.

Progress to Date

Over many years, our employees have raised significant amounts of money towards charities of their choice. We have supported their work by matching the money raised. We support local charities and our workforce volunteer to support local causes, such as the restoration of our local train station and regular litter picks.

Our current chosen charities are Bolton Hospice and The Christie, and our workforce are actively encouraged to get involved in fund-raising events for these worthy causes.

We are involved in Grocery Aid, the charity associated with the retail grocery industry in the UK.

We support the key charities supported by our key customers, notably Tickled Pink, Tommy’s, Whizz Kids and Sue Ryder.

Delivery Goals

We will continue to develop our charity partnerships through our local area network.

We will continue to give back to communities through support of local initiatives.

We are happy to support deserving causes where help is needed.