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At Stateside our innovative products are award winning – we have been consistently growing our awards collection since 2013.  Our awards include the Q Awards, PAPA (Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association), Pizza Chef of the Year and the Grocer Awards.


Research is key to our development where we evaluate the market, complete consumer research and review trends; Kantar data is one of the tools we utilise which provides information on the entire market as well as insights into consumer behaviour.

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Our Development team complete restaurant reviews and inspirational trips to ensure we are meeting market expectations and are aware of the latest food trends.  It is with this approach along with our strong customer collaboration, sourcing high quality and unique raw materials and teams of process experts which enables us to push the boundaries to deliver these innovative award winning products year after year



The sourcing of high quality ingredients is one of the key elements to our award winning success.  We operate a global supply base and only source and purchase from GFSI accredited, fully auditable and traceable sources. We also work collaboratively with our key suppliers to form strategic partnerships for the future protection of our business and to ensure the continuation of high quality sustainable raw materials.

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For us quality also comes from our strong manufacturing approach. With a Continuous Improvement culture being at the core of our business we review our processes and technology to ensure we consistently deliver high quality products which meet the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, we rigorously assess the product quality of our pizzas by conducting a range of product panels and quality reviews.



Food safety is of paramount importance to us.  Since 2007 we have been Grade A BRC accredited.  Furthermore since 2014 we have been signed up to the unannounced BRC scheme and as such have been successfully awarded with grade A+ accreditation since this time


Over the years we have also significantly invested and expanded our Technical resource to ensure our focus on food safety, from field to fork, is maintained.  We operate a stringent screening and performance monitoring process of our supply base, raw materials and factory operations.  This ensures we can continually challenge and drive continuous improvement of all aspects of food safety and our processes.


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As we are in a world of inherent fraudulent risks our VACCP (Vulnerability Analysis Critical Control Point) system ensures both business protection and peace of mind for us and our customers.  Our VACCP system (led by and externally accredited multi-disciplined team) ensures all our raw materials are screened for any potential adulteration and vulnerability risks.



The UK is known as the ‘fat man of Europe’, topping the obesity league table.  Many believe sugar is the biggest contributor to this obesity epidemic which is crippling the NHS.  A  new report reveals that 58% of the adult population is overweight with a deadly warning that obesity will triple in 20 years.


Too much salt in our diets leads to high blood pressure, which is the main cause of strokes and a major cause of heart disease, the world’s most common causes of death.


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