Our Products


Stateside Foods prides itself on offering the most appropriate, quality, own label chilled pizzas for each of our customers’ tiers, using the most sustainable packaging solutions available at the time of development. The process starts with expert insight and market analysis, food/packaging trends and cuisine data interpretation, resulting in recipe development, true innovation and where possible, first to market initiatives. This is complimented by our strong programme of operational investment that includes the building of a new wood-fired bakery in 2018, topping line improvements 2019 and the installation of various robots to improve efficiency ver the last 5 years.

Through our in house expertise in NPD, Commercial including Insight, Engineering, Supply chain, Production, Technical and Purchasing, we produce the highest quality products at highly competitive prices.

Award Winning Innovation

SSince 2013, Stateside Foods has won over 20 product innovation awards including the Grocer Chairman’s Award in 2015 – beating all other category winners. Stateside has also won 9 PAPA retailer awards, 4 PAPA best chef awards, 2 sustainability initiative awards and 1 best Shelf Ready Packaging award. In 2018, Stateside won a prestigious Supplier of the Year award with one of its biggest customers.

Our approach to driving sales begins at the research stage with our retail partnerships. This means we complete objective driven inspiration trips, restaurant trawls, innovation days, trade show attendance, trends conferences and market reviews that feed into structured strategy conferences. This drives a product brief that starts the product development process and enables us to push the boundaries in order to deliver the projects and innovation that generates award winning initiatives.

Delivery Goals

To continue to develop customer focused chilled pizzas that drive sales and lead the market in terms of innovation; ingredients, product and packaging, whilst considering the consumer’s needs around the broader issue of health and well-being.

Responsible sourcing

The sourcing of high quality ingredients is one of the key elements to our award winning success. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a business-driven initiative for the development of food safety management systems to ensure food facilities are processing safe food for consumers. We operate a global supply base and only source and purchase from GFSI accredited, fully auditable and traceable sources. We also work collaboratively with our key suppliers to form strategic partnerships for the future protection of our business and to ensure the continuation of high quality sustainable raw materials.

In addition, to the maintenance of current suppliers and ingredients. Stateside Foods operates a robust new ingredients and supplier process. All new raw materials brought into the business are reviewed by Technical, Production, Quality Assurance, Procurement, Purchasing, NPD and the Process teams. A full risk assessment is completed and where required, all new suppliers are audited by the Technical team before a product reaches final customer approval.


Maintaining a positive quality culture is critical to producing safe and consistent products. The aim of this plan is to ensure that all colleagues are aware of their personal responsibilities to food safety and quality, to empower our people to continually improve. It sets a framework to make the idealogies of food safety both second nature and autonomous, whilst learning from employees to further build and grow. This cultural plan operates universally throughout the business with commitment from the most senior level through to day-to-day production.

Our Suppliers

We invite our suppliers to attend a Stateside Supplier Conference annually, where strategies, expectations and future requirements are shared. Our key suppliers are also invited onto site regularly to present their new ingredients, trends and market insight. This helps inform our team and is another knowledge feed into our customer briefs and development process.

We are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) Certified. There is in an ever-urgent need and growing global concern that commodities are produced without causing harm to the environment or society. RSPO certification is an assurance to the customer that the standard of palm oil production is sustainable.

Supporting local suppliers

Stateside Foods is based in Bolton, Lancashire, UK. It is our aim to source as many ingredients and packaging as possible, locally. Currently, 74% of our raw materials by volume and 99% of our packaging by volume is sourced from within the UK.

There is a requirement for us to source some ingredients outside the UK, for example premium Italian meats and cheeses. On these occasions, we look to keep the transit packaging to a minimum. In fact, on all raw materials both UK and outside the UK, we are continually looking to reduce transit packaging. See the Packaging section.

Food Safety

Food safety is of paramount importance to us. Since 2007 we have been Grade A BRC accredited. Furthermore since 2014 we have been signed up to the unannounced BRC scheme and as such have been successfully awarded with grade AA+ accreditation since this time.

Over the years we have also significantly invested and expanded our Technical resource to ensure our focus on food safety, from field to fork, is maintained. We operate a stringent screening and performance monitoring process of our supply base, raw materials and factory operations. This ensures we can continually challenge and drive continuous improvement of all aspects of food safety and our processes.

As we are in a world of inherent fraudulent risks our VACCP (Vulnerability Analysis Critical Control Point) system ensures both business protection and peace of mind for us and our customers. Our VACCP system (led by an externally accredited multidisciplined team) ensures all our raw materials are screened for any potential adulteration and vulnerability risks.

Consumer Health

Public Health England’s draft guidelines were published in 2018, with a startling introduction to the status of our health as a nation, particularly the health of our children within the UK.

Stateside Foods works hand in hand with its customers to reduce Salt, Sugar and Fat within its products. We recognise our responsibility to ensure our products continue to improve from a health perspective and we also believe that educating the adults of the future is crucial to underpin any changes made to products. We have also seen a rise in sales of smaller single serve pizzas and vegetable options. Although from a small base, we will continue to support the sales of these products within the UK market and continue to drive reductions in Salt, Sugar, Fat and of course, Calories – which are the focus of the 2018 Public Health England Report.

Delivery Goals

To continue to work with our retailers and our industry body (The Pizza and Pasta Association) to engage with Public Health England. To continue to drive improvements to the labelling of products in order to help consumers manage their diets, in terms of Calories, but also Fat, Sugar and Salt. To embrace our retailers’ policies on health and make positive changes, where possible.