Business Values and Principles

Suedzucker aims to compete successfully through innovation, quality, reliability and fairness. This entails complying with internal company rules, as well as statutory regulations. A series of corporate compliance principles serve as a guideline. They highlight key issues that are very important in day-to-day corporate practice:

Compete fairly

Suedzucker is fully committed to compete fairly, and especially to comply with antitrust laws.

Integrity in business transactions

Corruption is not tolerated. Gifts and invitations from suppliers must always be in reasonable proportion to the business relationship. Such gratuities require express approval from the respective supervisor. This applies to all employees who are part of any procurement process. The same principles apply in reverse to employees working in the various sales departments, in relation to our customers.

Sustainability principle

Suedzucker is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment, as well as the health and safety of people inside and outside the company.

Compliance with food and agricultural industry laws

Compliance with all relevant national, European and international laws – especially food and agricultural laws – is mandatory.

Ensuring equal opportunity in securities trading

Every employee is obliged to treat confidentially any internal company information that could impact the company’s share price on the stock market.

Proper documentation

The company’s internal control system requires that the business process be adequately documented. Audits must be conducted to ensure that the accounting-related information has been fully and correctly captured.

Proper and transparent financial reporting

Suedzucker commits to providing open and transparent financial reports based on international accounting standards to ensure that all stakeholders are treated equally.

Fair and respectful working conditions

Each employee is expected to be friendly and to treat colleagues and third parties fairly, professionally and respectfully. Discrimination and harassment of any type is not tolerated.