Team Profiles


Production Operatives

Our Production Operatives work on our busy production lines producing pizzas and pizza bases in either our bakery, topping or packing areas.

Their work involves handling meat products and working in both chilled production and warm bakery environments. They also maintain site hygiene and housekeeping standards in their work area.

Warehouse Operatives

Our Warehouse Operatives maintain and improve upon consistently high performance standards as part of the picking operation.

They are skilled in using our SAP computer system to aid booking in, picking and loading. They maintain site hygiene and housekeeping standards in their work area.

Machine Operatives

Our Machine Operatives are responsible for the safe operation of production machinery. They are accountable for agreed hygiene standards and changeover times and are also responsible for routine maintenance.

Line Leaders

Our Line Leaders supervise a small team of people. They are accountable for standard manning levels, agreed hygiene standards and product quality. They are also responsible for area targets, employee motivation and training.


The role of our Commercial Team is to deliver a dynamic Customer Strategy for a mix of major Retail  customers – predicting tomorrow’s consumer needs today, then ensuring that our products and promotions meet these needs  and are sold in the right place, at the right time.

The Commercial Team is supported by a team of Deli Specialists who work alongside store employees to deliver a great Pizza experience in-store at the Deli counters.

Key to success is developing strong partnerships with colleagues, both within Stateside and within our Retail partners, and most importantly the customers in-store.


Our Engineering department’s primary objective is to maximise plant efficiencies by carrying out preventative maintenance tasks. These are scheduled using the latest software, which not only controls the schedule but also highlights the specific tasks required to be performed.

Our team of highly skilled Engineers work closely with all other departments to provide mechanical and electrical engineering support throughout all production. They are committed to utilising the latest process technology in support of all new and existing projects within the business.

Our Engineering team aim to react quickly, safely and professionally to all requests as we work towards the goals of Stateside Foods.


Our Finance team is responsible for processing transactions and reporting on key performance indicators, to ensure effective financial management of the business.

They also work to ensure that financial practices are in line with all statutory legislation and regulations.

Human Resources and Development

Human Resources and Development work with the entire workforce to develop and retain our most talented people. We believe that through our Performance Management System each employee is encouraged to demonstrate the Stateside Foods Behaviours and deliver results within an environment that inspires our people to achieve their very best.

This process is supported by the recognition of achievement, and the provision of learning and development opportunities.

We translate business strategy into meaningful people systems to ensure that each individual understands the role that they play at Stateside Foods and how their input impacts on the business as a whole.


Our IT team work as a partner to the business to support high performance and growth by delivering process and technical solutions across the business.

They are responsible for the maintenance and development of our IT technology infrastructures. This includes purchasing hardware and software, overseeing installations and ensuring backup systems operate effectively.

The insights that they provide play an instrumental role in technological innovation. This is essential to address the complex technological issues that we face in an ever-changing business environment.


The Marketing role is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer requirements profitably.

By analyzing current market data and consumer research, we assist Sales, Product Development, Production and Logistics in bridging the needs of the business with those of our customers, for the benefit of the consumer.

New Product Development

For information on New Product Development, please visit our Product Development page.


The role of our Planning Team is to deliver a 100% service level to all our customers, both internally and externally.

Using the most up to date planning systems, they are able to forecast customer requirements, plan raw material requirements and so create detailed production schedules.

The Planning Team is core to Stateside Foods. Through effective communication and working well with all departments they strive to surpass customer expectations.


Our Procurement team are responsible for ensuring that all raw materials, packaging and consumable items are on site in full and on time, to ensure the smooth running of production plans.

Externally they endeavour to build excellent relationships with all suppliers and assist them in understanding the expectations we have as a business.

Through the Procurement process, our dedicated team work to guarantee that our valued customer requirements are fulfilled.


Our Purchasing Department source key suppliers who provide us with raw materials and services which achieve our cost, quality and technology requirements.

The department is committed to ensuring good supplier relationships are maintained in both an ethical and professional manner.

They control all purchasing processes with attention to product safety, legality and quality so that established products and services are procured to defined requirements.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team are responsible for consistently ensuring the safety, quality and legality of all the products Stateside produce. This includes meeting the high standards demanded by our customers, legislation and the BRC. This is achieved by setting and developing internal policies, procedures and systems across the business.

They continually monitor and eliminate risk by various means including online checks, raw material and product assessment, auditing, strict supplier control and the implementation of detailed specifications. Through the control of this robust Quality Management System, the team are able to assess and report on performance and implement the necessary corrective and preventative measures to ensure these high standards are not only adhered to, but the business strives for continuous improvement.

Quality and food safety are a core element to the manufacturing process and we work closely with all departments to deliver these standards and maintain BRC A+ Grade and customer approval.

Please visit the careers section of our website for further details of our current vacancies.